NASA ISS opened for commercial business

Since the space agency NASA shifts the emphasis of their work towards the resumption of an active program of lunar space research in which direct participation will also take private space companies, the US space agency decided to open access to the International Space Station for commercial businesses, according to

NASA ISS opened for commercial business

From now on, private companies can apply to carry out short-term commercial manned missions to the ISS to carry out their business operations associated with the production and promotion of their products.

Despite the fact that the astronauts private traders will not be attributed directly to the staff of NASA's, before sending it to the ISS, they will be obliged to pass on the training ranges agency long preparation for space flight. The agency notes that for trade missions, including to be used spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX and the CST-100 Starliner from company Boeing.

What will happen to the ISS in the future?

According to current plans, the American agency, it's going to finish the project support the International Space Station by 2024. In the same year, NASA astronauts have to go back to the moon. With or without the support of NASA International Space Station is orbiting the Earth for almost 20 years. Its operating time in any case gradually coming to an end. NASA does not want to just throw in the lurch aging space laboratory, in the construction and support which were invested many billions of dollars (only one ISS service agency is spending $ 3-4 billion a year), so the ministry decided to transfer its commercialization by providing private sector to conduct on board their commercial objectives. The NASA believe that in this way will encourage businesses to develop the economy of space. In addition, it will provide companies that will take part in the preparation of manned lunar missions, a place that they can use to demonstrate the technologies they have developed for these manned missions.

"The commercialization of the ISS will allow the agency to focus resources on the preparation of the landing crew of men and women to the moon by 2024," - said at a press conference, the agency's chief financial officer Jeff DeWitt NASA.

After 2024 NASA plans to transfer the management of the American segment of the ISS in the hands of its international partners, but to completely abandon the use of agency stations, at least for now, does not intend to. According to DeVito, most likely, the agency itself will take the role of one of the clients that are currently provided to the ISS using the service as a test platform for new technologies. But in any case, it will save a huge pile of money. At the moment, more than 50 different companies have already benefited or continue to use the services of ISS for a variety of scientific and technological research. Thanks to the new NASA policy on ISS range of available commercial services has increased markedly.

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