Created self-healing material that improves the durability of the shoe

Massive pollution of the planet plastic waste due to the fact that in case of breakage of items people immediately throw them out. According to researchers from the University of Texas Lamar, to solve this environmental problem could be creating a self-healing material, which increases their service life. It seems they have succeeded - they have recently created and demonstrated a subject that following injury own restores its structure due to the resin flowing inside.

Created self-healing material that improves the durability of the shoe

Yes, printed on the inside of the subject of 3D-printers do have a tank with a liquid resin. It has a very useful property to harden under ultraviolet light - if the subject of the solid resin crack occurs suddenly arising inside the resin once it removes.

The material will increase the lifespan of items

At its core technology is similar to the way blood comes to the surface wounds on human skin, fills it and hardens. At this point the material has only one drawback - polymerisation resins requires a fairly large amount of ultraviolet light, so to restore the structure necessary to use an external source. Researchers want to improve the technology to such an extent that the resin to harden even enough sunlight.

Created self-healing material that improves the durability of the shoe

If the material is able to meet all the requirements of researchers, it is hoped that in the future it will be used to create many frequently breaking elements. For example, thanks to him, it will be possible to create a durable eyeglass frames, or shoe soles. Increasing their service life can be achieved that the items will be less likely to be disposed of and pollute the environment.

Work on the creation of self-healing materials has been going on for a long time. For example, in 2018, engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a material that is self-repaired under the influence of carbon dioxide. More about him can be found in our material.

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