Russian astronauts landed on the moon in 2030

According to the head of the state corporation Roscosmos DMITRI Rogozin, who spoke at a lecture at the Moscow State University, "Roskosmos" is going to do the first landing of the Russian cosmonauts on the moon in 2030. After that, the corporation plans to create on the surface of the satellite module permanent lunar base. Rogozin during his presentation said that manned missions to the Moon have already planned for 2029-2030 years, reports the news agency RIA "Novosti".

Russian astronauts landed on the moon in 2030

"2029-2030 years - manned missions to the Moon. 2029 - flight tests, in 2029 - a comprehensive study of the Moon - automatic rover, 2030 - landing of man on the moon - moon runway complex after 2030 - a lunar base unit, "- says the head of Roscosmos presentation.

According to earlier reports, the first manned mission to the Russian cosmonauts landing on the surface of the Earth the satellite will last 14 days. As the main means of delivering astronauts to the moon is planned to use the currently developed new perspective spaceship "Federation".

In a conversation with journalists, RIA "Novosti" the head of the Cosmonaut Training Center Pavel Vlasov said that the formation of the crew for the first manned test firing of the "Federation" will be held until 2021. In 2022 planned launch of an unmanned spacecraft on the launch vehicle "Soyuz-5" from the cosmodrome "Baikonur". According to him, usually the procedure for preparing people for space flight takes two years. But since in this case it is a training program for future missions to the Moon, the crew of the new ship will have to cook a little longer.

"It turns out that no later than 2021, we have to determine the basic composition of the crew. In 2022, when the flight will take place unmanned spacecraft, all assigned to the crew already held ", - said the agency.

In the 2023 scheduled launch of an unmanned "Federation" to the International Space Station. Roskosmos is going to carry out docking device with the ISS in automatic mode. The first flight of the crew on the new ship, which will also be carried to the International Space Station, to be held in 2024.

Previously stated that the use of spacecraft "Federation" for the delivery of astronauts on the ISS is scheduled only during the test missions. For regular transport people to the space station will be sufficient, "Unions". "Federation", in turn, is being developed for missions to the Moon.

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