Spaceships and satellites will receive a new "parking lights" for secure connections

Today the successful docking of spaceships is no surprise - thanks to used since the "Apollo" program times flashing lights on the apparatus surface, everything happens pretty quickly and with great accuracy. However, scientists have all the possibilities to create a cheaper and cost analogue. For example, the European Space Agency ESA offers to equip devices and infrared phosphorescent "parking lights" that meet all modern requirements.

Spaceships and satellites will receive a new

The markers, which have already received the official name PEMSUN, planned to be applied directly to the body of the spacecraft. Researchers are confident that with their devices will become more visible and be able to recognize the distance and direction to each other. ESA is set very seriously - a new type of navigation markers have already been tested in a special docking simulator in March 2019. Perhaps in the near future will begin testing in Earth orbit. Space missions become more and more every year, so the new technology will be very useful. The number of satellites may rise, and they will all need a uniform standard to denote their size and location of the docking stations. According to an employee ESA Sebastien Perreault, new markers will be particularly useful during an eclipse, when the Earth obscures the sun. At such moments, one of the devices necessary to maintain its position, and the lights of the second vehicle would serve as a great reference point.

In history there are several cases of unsuccessful docking of spacecraft. One of them can be found in our article about the tragic stories that took place in the cosmos.

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