NASA announced nine commercial partners in the lunar missions

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstayn spoke about the next stage of lunar Space Agency ambitions. Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) received the first official partners. The event was dedicated to the announcement, has been named the nine companies that will develop technologies to support future lunar landings Gateway station and small goods on the moon itself. You may have heard about some of these companies, however, there are new names in the field of space exploration.

NASA announced nine commercial partners in the lunar missions

CLPS program will begin with a relatively modest loads up to 10 kg. Send even something so small on the moon - is sickly feat in itself, as demonstrated by the program Lunar X Prize. However, the focus on small consignments opens the door for startups in CLPS, as well as for the already well-known aerospace companies.

NASA's gathering partners for the development of the Moon

Not a surprise appearance and Lockheed Martin Space CLPS among nine companies. This is one of the largest NASA contractor, is currently working on the crew module for Orion. Deep Space Systems, which is working on the "Orion", "Juno" and other NASA missions in the company. Draper - long known contractor, also made the list. He works with several partners, including the Japanese Ispace.

JUST ANNOUNCED: Our partners who will help us explore the Moon include @Astrobotic, @DeepSpaceTweets, @Firefly_Space, @Int_Machines, @LockheedMartin, @MastenSpace, @MoonEx, @DraperLab and Orbit Beyond. Watch: Ask s using #askNASA

- NASA (@NASA) November 29, 2018

Some companies can be found in the list on the Lunar X Prize. Participation in CLPS - it is a natural step for them, even if they have not been able to win a contest sponsored by Google.

Previously, NASA has allowed us to assume that the construction of the lunar station Gateway will begin in 2023. Everything will depend on the success of the program Commercial Lunar Payload Services, this is its importance. Maintenance and service of permanent human presence on the Moon's orbit will require a large number of services that NASA can not provide alone.

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