Former NASA administrator: "Lunar gateway - stupid architecture"

In recent weeks, NASA officials tried to actively promote their proposed "Gateway", which will serve as a space station on a remote orbit around the Moon. Agency proposed this intermediate step instead of returning directly on the lunar surface with the people. The agency even begun to consider the Gateway as a "spaceship" because it sounds even better than "station".

Former NASA administrator:

Mike Griffin, former NASA administrator under President George W. Bush, was asked what he thought about these plans. Currently, Griffin worked as deputy secretary of defense for research and development, and he does not hesitate in expressions.

"Stupid architecture"

"I think 2028 is so late that the plan should not even lay on the table. This date does not show that the US is the leader at least somewhere. Now in 2018. It took us eight years to get to the moon for the first time, and now you want to tell me what we need ten, twelve or fourteen years to do it again, if we know how to do it? I give up". Griffin also booed Gateway concept, saying that it makes no sense to build a lunar station until then, until the technical necessity of the existence of such a station.

Former NASA administrator:

"Architecture, which want to enter, creating a Gateway before we set foot on the lunar surface, in terms of space systems engineer - architecture stupid," he says. "The gateway will be useful when - but not before - we will produce the fuel on the moon and bring it to the depot in lunar orbit. We had better get back to the moon and learn to use the resources of the nearest object to the Earth. "

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