Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

Alexander Kerzhakov (b. 1982) is the first child in the family Anatoly Kerzhakov, who was also a professional footballer. Brother Alexander is also a football player, but if Alexander threatened the goal, then Michael protects them.

The early years of football

The Sports School "Zenith" made their first steps many well-known Russian players. Among them, Alexander Kerzhakov. Biography Sasha begins here, the football biography. The first coach of a football player, not including his own father, was Sergei Romanov. In 1996 he held a match for the championship of Russia on football in St. Petersburg. "Spartacus" and "Alania" took part in the match. Kerzhakov was able to get tickets to the game, but did not go to her.

After school football Alexander Kerzhakov became a player of football club "FC Svetogorets" which appeared in the amateur division. Coach was Vladimir Kozachenko, who knew how Alexander Deputy Director zenitovskoy football school.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, Kerzhakov was the best player of the tournament, which was held in the framework of pre-season training.


In late 2000, Alexander was invited to the "Zenith". The recommendation of the head coach of the club gave Kozachenko. In the spring of 2001, Alexander Kerzhakov played his first match for the team from St. Petersburg. Footballer played the entire meeting, but effective action could not be noted, as well as teammates. As a result, the match ended in a draw.

Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

Do not scored Kerzhakov and over the next eleven matches in the Russian championship. The first goal scored by a footballer was held already in the thirteenth round of the championship. It was a very important game. Rival "Zenith" was the capital's "Spartacus." Muscovites won with a minimum score, but Alexander was able to even the score, then his teammates managed to score another goal at the Gates "Spartacus." The match ended with a minimal victory team from St. Petersburg. After his transfer to the "Zenith" Alexander could quickly become a player base. In the first year of his stay in the team Kerzhakov was able to win the silver medal in the championship and get into the list of 33 best players of the Russian Federation. By the way, this list was Alexander for five consecutive years.

The call to the national team

A year later, the best young player of the championship it became Alexander Kerzhakov. Football player with his performance at club level was able to get a place in the national team at the World Cup 2002, which was held in Japan and Korea.

Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

In the following season Kerzhakov was able to win another silver championship of Russia. A year later he managed to become the top scorer of the tournament, having to his credit eighteen goals scored.

Go to the "Seville"

In addition to the excellent performance in the domestic championship, Kerzhakov was able to show their best side in European competition. A good performance against the Spanish "Seville" has forced many European clubs pay attention to Alexander. It is "Sevilla" made "Zenith" the best deal.

Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

may Kerzhakov was left would go on to play in Russia, but with the arrival of the team of the Dutch expert named Dick Advocaat Kerzhakov lost his place in the starting line-up and started to leave only the replacement. Play games on the bench he did not like, so he made the decision to leave.

The first transfer of "Seville" in the winter transfer window at the end of 2006 was just Alexander Kerzhakov. Photos athlete was immediately published in many well-known Spanish sports newspapers. The contract was designed for five and a half years, and the transfer amounted to about five million euros.

The first Spanish trophy

The first match, Alexander Kerzhakov played January 14, 2007, and on January 28, he was able to score his first goal. Kerzhakov spring could help the team go English "Tottenham" in the UEFA Cup, and at the end of the season the team ranked third in the Spanish La Liga. In that memorable season for Alexander, "Seville" has managed to win the Copa del Rey and the UEFA Cup, with whom andalustsev special relationship.

Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

Leaving the head coach and the appointment of a specialist again did not bring anything good. As in the "Zenith", the new coach stopped to let Kerzhakov on the field. For Russian players showed interest in many grandees of world football, among which are called clubs such as the "Manchester United", "Paris Saint Germain" and many other well-known in Europe and the world team. same Kerzhakov himself has repeatedly stated his intention to stay in the team and fight for a place in the lineup.

Returning to Russia and private life

In 2008, Aleksandr Kerzhakov was the player of the Moscow "Dynamo". The first season in the new club could not be called a success - a footballer was able to score only seven goals in 27 matches. Despite the poor personal performance, he was able to once again win the championship medals. After the season increased the number of goals scored - the striker was able to distinguish himself twelve times in the goal.

Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

In 2010, the "Zenith" was in search of the forward and mid-January, the club returned to Alexander Kerzhakov. Personal athlete's life, as well as football career was not in order. In 2010, football was divorced and Mary Head, from which Alexander was married since 2005. Perhaps the divorce went to the benefit of the player, because in the games against "Anderlecht" and "Saturn" Kerzhakov was able to score every opponent three goals.

Alexander Kerzhakov: Sports path of one of the best strikers in Russia

could not show good results In 2012, the striker was called up for the matches of the European Championship, which was held in Ukraine and Poland, but the tournament nor Alexander, nor the whole team in general.

In 2015, Alexander remarried. Chosen one of the famous Russian football has become a Milan Tyulpanov.

Now Alexander Kerzhakov belongs to the football club "Zenith", but played on loan at the Swiss team named "Zurich".