Walmart will train new employees in virtual reality

Large retail chains vengeance aimed to apply the latest technology to improve customer service and increase overall productivity. It does not remain on the sidelines, and the largest in the United States offline retailer Walmart, which has decided to train new employees to use virtual reality.

Walmart will train new employees in virtual reality

It is believed VR-technology only advanced capabilities to play video games, but it is not so. With the help of virtual reality, for example, is already being developed in the field of treatment of various conditions. A Walmart in cooperation with Oculus will train in the virtual space of their employees. As the edition Engadget, the latter will provide the retailer 17000 VR-set.

VR-helmets go into all divisions of the company Walmart in the US in October this year. On 1 large hypermarkets have 4 devices and the small shop - for 2 senior director of training of staff Andy Treytor Walmart states that the use of VR will really help to produce a more skilled workforce:

"Method of training using VR-devices is extremely effective if you perform a task in the virtual world - the brain remembers this situation. During the tests, we noticed that the training in virtual reality has a positive effect on the confidence of employees in yourself, and the results of tests by 10-15% compared to the traditional way of learning. "

It is worth noting that Walmart is not the first time experimenting with new technologies: this summer as part of the training of interaction with pochtomatami Pickup Towers were also used VR-headset. Then, a new approach is fully justified itself.

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