How much and how to watch the solar eclipse August 11, 2018

Summer 2018 continues to delight us with the amazing events that are happening around our planet. More recently, we could observe a lunar eclipse, and already August 11 we will have the opportunity to see a partial solar eclipse. Tell who was more fortunate others.

How much and how to watch the solar eclipse August 11, 2018

During a partial solar eclipse on August 11 the Moon will pass between the Earth and the sun, throwing a shadow on our planet. On land it will look as if the Moon will cover a part of the sun.

Where to watch the solar eclipse

How much the moon closes the sun, depending on where you observe this phenomenon. At the north pole surface of the sun will be closed by 65 percent. Yakutsk residents can see how the sun will disappear by 57 percent. Besides Russia, the eclipse will be able to observe the inhabitants of North America, Scandinavia, China, Mongolia and Korea.

How and at what time to watch the eclipse

The phenomenon can be observed for almost two hours. It will begin at 12 o'clock 36 minutes Moscow time. Maximum phase occurs in 13 hours 23 minutes and ending phenomenon in 14 hours 8 minutes. See the eclipse without harm to their health will be using special protective glasses.

When will the next eclipse

A total solar eclipse is expected July 2, 2019. The next total lunar eclipse is expected to January 20, 2019. We recall the dates of these participants in our chat in the telegram.