19 of the largest purchases of technology companies over the last year

Large technology companies are constantly buying more small but promising company. As a rule, these mergers and acquisitions are best talk about the plans of companies and their success. Analysts Verve Search transactions processed last year and found the largest. About them and tell.

19 of the largest purchases of technology companies over the last year

19 Company GameSparks - cloud platform for game developers, which provides job game functions on the server side. Amazon acquired the company for $ 10 million.

18 Next purchase again for Amazon. The company bought Harvest.ai, dealing with security. It spent $ 20 million.

17 Creator Vrvana headsets for virtual and augmented reality was acquired for $ 30 million the company from Cupertino, which is called Apple.

16. Cloud Solutions from Cloudyn with that created them, Microsoft acquired for $ 50 million team.

15 Company Body Labs, creating a three-dimensional model of the human body with the use of machine learning is now under the wing after the Amazon deal at $ 50 million. 14 Microsoft also acquired last year, which deals with security. Hexadite was bought for $ 100 million.

13 MindMeld Inc. created an assistant, capable of order for you coffee. Their technology uses machine learning, and it attracted Cisco. The company was bought for $ 125 million.

12 by FUNimation The company, which distributes entertainment content, Sony was acquired for $ 150 million.

11 $ 200 million spent Apple's artificial intelligence and machine learning technology from Lattice Data.

10 Another major acquisition Apple - Shazam. It spent $ 400 million.

9 Souq.com site selling everything from electronics to clothing. Amazon bought it for $ 580 million.

8 $ 610 million cost the company Viptela Inc., a software development. That's how much it has spent Cisco.

7. Simplivity proposed a new approach to data storage. This interested HPE, which is spent on the company 650 million dollars. 6. Storage, apparently, an important area for HP. Another company, Nimble Storage, was purchased for 1, 09 billion dollars.

5 Google acquired the business of the company HTC, associated with the production of smartphones, for 1, $ 1 billion.

4 BroadSoft offer a solution for communication between electronic devices. Cisco spent on the company 1, 9 billion dollars.

3 App Dynamics is responsible for monitoring the work of business solutions. It is important to Cisco, to the company and it was decided to spend 3, 7 billion dollars.

2 13, 7 billion dollars spent on the Amazon stores Whole Foods products that specialize in healthy food.

1. The first place was awarded to Intel. She bought an Israeli developer of unmanned vehicles Mobileye 15, $ 3 billion.