"Yandex" has indexed documents from Google Docs. Check your privacy settings

That night began to appear that the search for "Yandex" on the documents began to "float" documents with passwords, addresses brothels and God knows what else. How did it happen? It turns out that "Yandex" indexing "the open part of the Internet" and with it ate not protected by privacy settings documents from Google Docs. We do not give specific references, but the example of leakage: Passwords, Passwords, passwords again, corporate discussion unsuccessful applicants, addresses, passwords, and once again displays the darknet.

The documents fall into the issue of "Yandex", were not protected by privacy settings - which means that their creator has allowed viewing (or editing) to all who have the correct link.

Google itself indexes available to all documents from Google Docs. However, the Google search is not at least a portion of text files and spreadsheets with private information, which is in issue "Yandex". According Meduza quoting the press-secretary of "Yandex" Ilya Grabowski, "on Wednesday evening in support addressed users complaining of the problem files are available at docs.google.com". "Our security team is now associated with their colleagues from the Google, to draw their attention to the fact that it may be private information in these files," - he said. - "search engine indexes only pages that are available when you click on the links without a login and password."

To make sure that a document in Google Docs can not view outsiders, you need to open the file, click File - Sharing and make sure that have access only to certain users.

Ah, security.