No money, but we will build: Russia has asked the United States to finance the creation of the lunar module

Russian Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" has offered to make a gateway module for the new lunar orbital station Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway (formerly known as Deep Space Gateway) at the expense of the United States or Europe, according to the publication RIA "Novosti", citing a source in the space industry.

No money, but we will build: Russia has asked the United States to finance the creation of the lunar module

"The Federal Space Program till 2025 funds for the creation of a gateway module for the international lunar station there, and they are not expected. In this connection, Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia" on its own initiative in the course of the negotiations in Houston offered to make a compartment at the expense of the United States, that is to do the same as the first module of the International Space Station, "Dawn" was made in due time ", - he explained the agency.

The source explained that the module of the International Space Station "Dawn" in fact is an American, but referred to the use of Russian.

'It was built in Russia in American money, and he is listed part of the American segment of the ISS passed into the use of Russia ", - said the source.

"Roskosmos" is also considering the creation of the module together with the European Space Agency, the source said. In this case, we propose to divide the costs of building two. In this case, "Energy" is ready to take the responsibility to make itself compartment, and its retrofit internal systems will be held in Europe. Negotiations on the establishment of an international lunar station began in 2013. According to the latest information, in 2022 the moon is planned to send the American motor-power module, in 2023 to be joined by an American living module. The next station should see Russian gateway module. The carrier rocket, which will bring it into orbit and send to the Moon, considered Russian rocket heavy class "Angara A5" and the American super-heavy rocket SLS. In the second case, the module is likely to go to the Gateway of the lunar orbital platform in conjunction with the American manned spacecraft Orion.

Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway will not be permanently manned station as the same ISS. She would occasionally visit. This is due to security requirements beyond the magnetic belts of the Earth.

Russian Gateway will be an important part of the station, because using it will be a spacewalk to carry out scientific experiments and installation on the orbital platform equipment.

It will consist of two sections: spherical with a hatch for space walks and docking units, as well as a cylindrical - for placement of scientific equipment. Top of the module is planned to establish the Canadian manipulator arm, which will help the station crew to move the cargo hatch of the airlock to the surface station.