Miguel Cotto - the Puerto Rican champion

Miguel Cotto - the famous Puerto Rican boxer in the middle weight.


Birthplace of boxer October 29, 1980 in the small South American town of Caguas. Perhaps the fate of Miguel was solved with his first days of life.

Miguel Cotto - the Puerto Rican champion

The entire male half of the vast family Cotto was somehow associated with Boxing: Miguel dad and all his brothers were engaged in boxing, and his uncle was a coach. Therefore, the choice in Miguel was not. Displaying remarkable zeal and visiting sports section Boxing, Cotto from an early age was spending all his time to training and boxing classes. This is not a training boxing career at the Miguel Cotto started in the late nineties with the fight at the junior national championship. In 1999, Cotto in the youth team of Puerto Rico participated in the Central American and Caribbean Championship where wins silver at lightweight. And in a year and a half Miguel Cotto is a member of the Olympic team and Puerto Rico holds its fights in Sydney, where the battles take off inferior future Olympic champions, the Uzbek athlete Mahamadkadyru Abdullayev. After quite a successful amateur career, Miguel decides to finish it and start earning in professional boxing, where his name should resound in new ways, and the talent of a boxer will open with a bang.

Miguel Cotto - the Puerto Rican champion

amateur career

Miguel Cotto amateur career began in 1997 when he won the Pan American Games, winning the Argentine boxer final. After this victory, Miguel began to respect and to prepare for sparring with him, so further battles took place is not as easy as the first. So, quite a difficult period in the young boxer amateur career was 1998-1999, when Miguel was missing quite a bit to this triumph. On one of the world championship, he won the silver medal, and in 1999 did not pass the qualification. At the beginning of zero Miguel Cotto wins the South American regional championship. It becomes an excellent advertising boxer, and his notice Olympic team coach, who call junior to prepare for the upcoming games.

Miguel Cotto. Fights at the professional level

After an unsuccessful Olympics Puerto Rico goes into professional boxing. In the ring starts to sound a new brand - Miguel Cotto. Biography of boxer fights extensive and hearty. The first fight Miguel spent in 2001. During the next three years Cotto wins a great victory over Carlos Maussa, Victoriano Sosa, Lovemore N'dou.

Miguel Cotto - the Puerto Rican champion

In 2004, the Puerto Rican sparring hardest sends a knockdown previously unbeaten Brazilian boxer Kelson Pinto and wins the vacant belt champion of the World Boxing Organization. After that Miguel Cotto is four times defended his title. In 2005, it organized a fight with an old offender - Muhammadkadyr Abdullayev. This match took revenge for the defeat at the Olympics.

In 2006, Puerto Rican becomes heavier weight category. Organized a fight with Carlos Quintana, won Kotor, Miguel Cotto gets the championship belt by the World Boxing Association. In addition, on account of the victory over Cotto undisputed champion Slaughter Judah and interim world champion Shane Mosley. Its first loss in professional boxing Miguel suffered July 26, 2008 by Antonio Margarito. Today counts 34 Miguel Cotto fight, 32 of them won and 1 lose. 27 wins by knockout.

The fight with Manny Pacquiao

November 14, 2009 in Las Vegas saw the most significant sparring for Miguel Cotto. He opposed boxer who did not know their peers. But at stake was a world title of the World Boxing Organization and "brilliant" World Boxing Council belt. The bout turned stubborn and difficult. The first three three-minute left for the Filipino.

Miguel Cotto - the Puerto Rican champion

In the fourth and fifth round, Cotto was active and seemingly driven Pacquiao into a corner. But in the second half of the fight in the ring he dominated Filipino, which determined the outcome. Manny Pacquiao won a split decision with a crushing and unequivocal account. Today, Puerto Rico continues to engage in sports. Miguel Cotto - a boxer who could win the title in different categories and show the world that hard work on yourself will make any champion of human.