How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations

Sometimes we hear that this or that actress lost weight in the past month by 5 kg. Always flashed the thought that this is a star, she has more means to achieve this simple goal. This view is mistaken. Lose weight can be at home, not eating at the same time exotic foods or drugs.

The weight was gone and did not return, it is advised not to throw more than 0, 5-1 kg per week. But if you want the "here and now", then this article is for you. How to throw 5 kg per month to the hateful weight does not come back? You can consider a few tips.

We consider calories

Should eat fewer calories. Excess weight will go if there is a smaller amount of calories. Also, the diet should consist of healthy food and exercise should be added to the daily routine. Each week will go one kilogram, if the number of calories in food will be reduced to a thousand. This result is achieved when connecting reinforced exercise and less calorie food:

  • The use of daily calories at a rate of 1,000-1,200 and physical activities that involve the largest possible number of muscles. Pot etoi should be consumed a large amount of oxygen. For example, a person can go swimming or jogging. For a week it may take 1, 5-2, 5 kg.
  • No matter how great the weight, it is impossible to consume 1,200 calories on a daily basis more than one week.
  • It is necessary to start counting calories all diets. Everything Counts, and calories in dressings, sauces and beverages too.


Can I throw in just thirty-five days extra kilos?

Is it possible to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg, if you eat right? Losing excess weight can not only by reducing the amount of food consumed, but also with the help of proper nutrition. So pay attention to your diet.

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations

The products that contain more nutrients, help maintain a feeling of fullness for longer and thus discourage the desire to get into the fridge more often.

How to lose weight by 5 kg in a month? Diet, properly chosen, help!

The diet should be more green vegetables, lean proteins and fruits in small quantities. This will help to lose weight by 5 kg in a month. The menu should contain protein. And you want to exclude from the diet of sugar food, salty foods, because they delay the excretion of water from the body, and virtually all carbohydrates. Consumption of these products is possible, but in small quantities.

It is necessary to record all foods eaten to accurately calculate how many calories were consumed, and the need to record all the calories burning during physical training. This can lead to food journal. How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg? Can prompt and nutritionists, but they just use calorie counting.

Maintain control portion sizes are much easier to deal with if the cooking yourself. Food can take it in a plastic container to work, so it is possible to maintain the shape and save on dinners. Eating out, you need to follow the same rules: order food with lots of vegetables and protein, not a roast. You also need to count calories eaten meals.

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations

The liquid diet should be in the form of water, black coffee, tea without sugar or carbonated water. Do not underestimate the calories contained in beverages. You can use low-fat milk, soy or almond. It should also exclude alcohol completely, the maximum you can drink a glass of wine.


Diet for weight loss of 5 kg in the past month did not provide the use of tasteless food, but should be replaced by some of the ingredients to reduce calories. These guidelines will help you:

  • you can not fill the salad with sour cream and yogurt;
  • should be added to the diet of foods rich in slow carbohydrates;
  • a tile of dark chocolate can be eaten instead of biscuits or cake;
  • a minimum of fruits;
  • to dispense oil for cooking, it can be used as a spray.


Proper nutrition is not enough to lose weight by 5 kg in a month. Exercises to help reach the desired form should be everyday. The duration of physical activity should be a couple of hours a day. While running burns 861-1286 calories. It is one hour.

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations

When sailing burning calories more slowly - 423-632.

If you do not like to run, you can jump rope, burn the same calories. Walking up the stairs for an hour will burn 657-981 calories.

If you do not include the weight loss workout program and will only proper nutrition, it will have to wait for the result last longer. Without exercise, you can lose weight by 5 kg in 2 months.

Psychological aspects

Be sure to monitor the results. You must measure the weight once a week. This procedure must take place at the same time. In this case, you need to get on the scales before breakfast and without shoes. Also, do not need to keep track of weight fluctuations on a daily basis. It will be more difficult psychologically to achieve a result. How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg? This is easier to achieve if a company has supporters. You can arrange something like a competition, for example, who is to reset the weight faster.

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations

An additional motivation can be a bathing suit or jeans that are small in size, but who really want to wear. As such garments may be useful to see what progress has been made. Clothes as a mirror, never cheat.

We support the result of

If the result is achieved, you can show off her friends' thin for a month by 5 kg, "but the end is not yet. Of these five kilograms of the lost weight - just excess fluid, which was taken out of the body. Continue the same treatment as for the entire month, you need about two weeks:

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations
  • Every day should eat no more than 1200-1400 calories, and do not exclude exercise.
  • As can be detected during the two weeks that the body is changing, and the kilograms do not fall, but do not grow. Thus, the body adapts to the fact that excess liquid is left, and the muscles become stronger.

During the month of proper nutrition and physical exercise reinforced body is used to the new regime. When the weight is cleared, you can not go back to the usual rhythm of life. So you can not rub on all food is without measure. But starving yourself is not necessary. Any food with excessive absorption of harm.

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg, if you do not observe the regime? Unfortunately, no you will not succeed. After all, food should be regular and timely. You can not starve all day long, and then there is the night. The largest number of calories should account for breakfast or lunch, and for dinner from food better take it easy.

to consolidate the result Tips

To continue to lose weight, you need not stop to engage in sports and leave the diet, which was the last month:

How to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg: exercise, menus and recommendations
  1. In addition to aerobic exercise, strength training is still needed. Because, in addition to burning fat should build muscle mass. Along with the weight out of the latter, which may affect the metabolism for the worse.
  2. The training must be comprehensive. To run, you can add swimming and cycling. Six receptions with a small amount of food can be replaced by three, but with an average volume of food.
  3. To eat less during the meal, you should drink a glass of water before eating. The liquid fills the stomach, and will feel satiety.
  4. During the day you need to drink one to two liters of water. This will not only help keep your appetite under control, but also a beneficial effect on the skin, it becomes more elastic.
  5. Brushing after meals is needed in order to avoid snacking, and in due course include the gums. This advice is rather psychological but also helps.
  6. During the day you need to be always on the move. If you want to rise to a certain level, then make it better the stairs instead of the elevator.
  7. chew gum during the day, but not more than 15 minutes after a meal, and then, together with losing weight can make gastric ulcer.
  8. During the day you need to do 10,000 steps can be more but not less.
  9. At lunch diet to include green salad. It should be a big portion of salad and a small main course, which should consist of proteins.

with a weight problem because Disease

If kilograms can not be reset for medical reasons, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Overweight can produce thyroid disorders or diseases of gynecology. That is, you first need to pass the necessary tests to see whether the hormone in the body fails. Only after the elimination of all causes can be resumed the fight against excess weight.

A small conclusion,

Now you know how to lose weight in the past month by 5 kg. So, to achieve the desired result in weight loss, it is necessary that all body systems are involved, that is not enough to eat just one product, or worse, fast. We should not only reduce calorie intake, but also to improve metabolism have small portions, but often. During exercise should involve all groups of muscles to excess weight left, and the skin is tightened.