Scientists have "impossible" to form ice, which can only exist on Uranus

A team of scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence had a unique form of ice, called ice superionic (superionic ice). The main feature of this ice in that it consists of a rigid lattice oxygen, protons rotate around which nodes. The most interesting thing is that the emergence of this form of matter was predicted more than 30 years ago, and the assurances of experts, this type of ice can not exist on our planet, but it consists of core ice planets like Uranus.

Scientists have

As is known, ice is made of water and water - is oxygen molecule bonded to two hydrogen molecules. When water freezes, it may form a molecular crystal structures of arbitrary shape. The crystal lattice of "normal" ice consists of hexagons, however, there are other forms of ice, for example, cubic ice lattice which is as easy to guess, the cube shape. But they form only under certain conditions, and get them "in my fridge" will not work. For the superionic ice scientists squeezed water molecules by means of pressure generated by two diamond platforms. This structure is called the ice-VII.

Scientists have

Crystal structure-VII ice After compression, the water molecules researchers using powerful laser created within the crystal structure of the shock waves. Further, increasing the force of shock waves that have been created inside the cavity of the molecule between the diamond platforms. Upon receipt of a new form of ice, scientists have studied some of its properties.

Scientists have

The process of formation of ice-VII using a laser

It was found that the crystal lattice can maintain its structure even at temperatures ranging from 2000 to 5000 Kelvin. Moreover, this ice could conduct electrical current. Thus, it was possible to show that the scientists were able to get one of the superionic ice forms in which the crystal lattice is composed of oxygen atoms, within which may move freely nuclei of hydrogen atoms. According to Jonathan Fortney, one of the authors,

"This form of ice can retain stability under extreme conditions, which are found only in the central part of the planet cores such as Neptune or uranium. Of course, there is present in addition to the ice sufficiently large number of other substances, such as ammonia and methane. Over time, we will try to find out whether there superionic stable ice will in the presence of these substances. "