Kazuo Hirai stepping down as president of Sony

Sony Company has a rich history, full of ups and downs. But be that as it may, it is difficult to overestimate the contribution to the development of consumer electronics products, all sorts of gadgets, robotics and gaming industry. Today, few people had heard about video game consoles or PlayStation family of remarkable cameras and camcorders, designed by engineers of the Japanese company. Kazuo Hirai Sony led in a difficult time for her, at the peak of the crisis, when the income tends to zero, and the company's shares promptly fell down. Since 2012, he has done an incredible job restoring Sony grandeur, but it became known today, he plans to leave the post of president in April this year.

Kazuo Hirai stepping down as president of Sony

Kazuo Hirai found work at CBS Sony Records in 1984. Then he engaged in marketing of foreign music in Japan, and then was promoted to head of the department of international cooperation Sony. In this he was greatly helped by the fact that Kazuo father was a banker, who always took his son to the United States, where he studied English among children and imbued with Western culture, in parallel with the study of language. Hirai later transferred to the US office of the company, and now he has helped to make Japanese music artists popular among Americans. In 1995, Kazuo Hirai was transferred to Sony Computer Entertainment America - the unit responsible for the distribution and support of video game consoles. Already four years later, he led it as chief operating officer, and by 2003 became its CEO. Under the able leadership of this man was born the PlayStation 2 console, won the insane popularity among users. It is the "Kaz" (so-called colleagues Kazuo) posted in 2006 for the preparation of the PlayStation 3 release, which, unfortunately, has started with some serious problems.

Without exaggeration we can say that it is thanks to the tenacity and leadership talents Hirai unit responsible for the production and support of the PlayStation family of consoles, today prospers and brings us a handsome profit. Having replaced former president Howard Stringer, Kaz Hirai decided to take extreme measures to save the dying Sony from oblivion. He had to sell a large number of real estate companies to close several unprofitable studios and offices. At one point he even twice cut the salaries of senior management, including himself. However, his decision to finally take effect, and Sony is slowly but surely climb out of the pit.

"As the company for the decisive moment, when we get down to the implementation of the new corporate plan, I believe that now is the ideal time to transfer leadership to the new leadership, to Sony boldly stepped into the future, as well as to I was able to start a new chapter in my life ", - said Kazuo Hirai in an official address to the press.

Kazuo Hirai announced that he will leave the post of president of the company April 1, 2018. His position takes Kenichiro Yoshida, who was in the company as Chief Financial Officer since 2013. Hirai worked shoulder to shoulder with Yoshida for several years, so I decided that it was he could be trusted to manage their company. Hirai himself for good company and not leave, most likely, will become chairman of the board of directors Sony. We wish him every success in his new position and we hope that he will be able to have a rest after all that did for Sony in the difficult years of its crisis.