In India, we began selling electric vehicle of the budget in the world

The Indian company Tata Motors was established in 2009 Nano - a cheap and practical car, which, however, did not live up to expectations. Now Tata Motos going to try to conquer the market for the second time, putting on the Nano Electric and made it the most affordable electric car in the world.

In India, we began selling electric vehicle of the budget in the world

The development and production of cars Tata Motors will be engaged together with another Indian company - Jayem Automotives. It is planned to supply inexpensive machines taxi fleets, among which a large number of Uber partners. One of the largest - Ola, I have already signed a contract for the supply of a large batch of cars.

The body of the new Nano EV will be assembled at Tata Motors plants, and for stuffing the company will be responsible Jayem Automotives, in which the plants in the machine will be installed electric and virtually all other key components. The drive itself, by the way, was developed by Electra EV.

The first batch of cars will come down the assembly line at the end of November 2017 - the Government of India has placed an order for the supply of 350 cars until the end of the year even in the spring. The next batch of 400 cars ordered by the carrier Ola - this order is going to be done before the end of this year. The decision to convert Nano in electric vehicle due to the fact that over the past eight years, the company was not able to get close to the expected sales - planned to sell at least a million Nano a year, but by the end of 2016 for all the work the company struggled to sell 300,000 cars . To increase interest in the car, we decided to re-equip the electric Nano.

On one charge machine can travel more than 200 kilometers. Other parameters such as prices, developers have not yet reported. Apparently, not to "disclose the cards" in front of competitors from Mahindra & Mahindra, which also recently announced the start of production of electric vehicles.