Tesla Model X fell

The company lowered the price of Tesla Model X, which now match the previously delivered Elon Musk (Elon Musk) goals. Although cars and cheaper, they are still quite expensive innovative vehicles. However, the premium feature set has also become more accessible to consumers of electric Tesla.

Tesla Model X fell

Tesla company is not so busy working on Model 3, and it continues to engage in prices and a complete set of already existing models. For connoisseurs of electric vehicles - the good news about the decline in prices for Model X and improving the standard car, which includes a set of premium features are now.

In July 2017 Tesla stopped ceased to offer the least expensive version of the Model S, so the minimum price model rose by about $ 5,000. But the least expensive all-electric Model X SUV price was reduced to 79 thousand 500 US dollars. Thus, Model X stands for 5 thousand dollars more expensive than the equivalent Model S, according to Fred Lambert (Fred Lambert) on the pages of the resource Electrek in the context of further details that were considered Zack Estrada (Zac Estrada) on the resource The Verge. Before being released Tesla Model X, Elon Musk said that the company's goal is to make the price Model X has approximately 5,000 US dollars higher than the price of Model S with similar options. And this has been achieved until now.

Prices for the current base model Model S 75D begin with 74,500 US dollars, while the price Model X 75D started up recently to 82 500 US dollars.

But after falling US $ 3,000 price minimum price Model X 75D is 79,500 US dollars. We are talking about a standard five-seater configuration. And this price is exactly 5 thousand dollars above the Model S with similar options.

The company's work on the Tesla Model X and its numerous innovative options were many manufacturing difficulties to overcome most of the company in 2016. At a press briefing, during which was announced Model 3, Elon Musk said that the production volume and the X Model Model S equal. Weekly produced about 2,000 cars.

Earlier Tesla Company noted that shipments in the second half of this year will increase and this will happen thanks to Model X. The most noticeable changes are reflected on the Model S P100D and Model X P100D - previously offered at an additional cost premium options have become standard. Premium Package, offered for $ 5000, became part of the standard high-end versions of the vehicles Tesla.

Tesla Model X fell

Premium equipment

Tesla company managed to include in the standard set of functions that were previously cost an additional $ 5,000, even at reduced prices of cars. Prices for Model S P100D begin with 140 thousand US dollars, while the minimum price Model X P100D is 145 thousand US dollars, and once again the difference is $ 5,000, but both models now come standard with premium features.

Tesla Model X fell

Standard equipment

What is more important - lower prices for Model X, or included in the standard configuration of the vehicle premium feature set?