China has created an artificial electronic "skin" that changes color

As the press-service of Tsinghua University, which is located in Beijing, scientists and researchers from this institution have developed a new material based on graphene with unique physical properties: an artificial electronic "skin" capable of changing its color.

China has created an artificial electronic

The electronic skin is called e-skin (similar to the e-ink e-ink). It is said that the attempts to create color-changing things used in the past, but they were based on different technologies: LED, liquid crystal, or at all with the use of mechanical parts. Graphene is for these purposes has been used as the basis for the first time. Selection of scholars do not accidentally fell on the material, since it is extremely resistant to bending and heavy mechanical loads. According to the study author Yang Tingting,

"Graphene has not only high transparency, good flexibility and high specific capacity, but also has great potential for the production of flexible electronic components. In addition, we found that our material can change color during deformation. Even a small voltage was enough to cause a distinct color change. That is, the more the material is stretched, the more it changes color. "

According to the developers, in the course of investigations, they were inspired by nature itself: the behavior of chameleons and some species of octopus that can change color depending on the environment the animal environment. More detail to reveal the technology details, as well as to demonstrate the first samples of products based on the e-skin creators promise in the near future, but now they say that the new material can be used for the production of clothing, robotics in the production of electronic devices, prosthetics and other medical purposes.