The Chinese have created "unkillable" smartphone

The company continues to amaze users OUKITEL releasing smartphones that are not only monstrous batteries, but also an impressive performance and high security. At this time, we should prepare to enter the market K10000 Max - smartphone, not afraid of no water, no dirt, no strikes.

The Chinese have created

This unit has a unique body, which is characterized by impact resistance, waterproof and dustproof. And more than that: it has a rechargeable battery with a capacity we are used to 10,000 mAh. OUKITEL representatives prepared a video in which strongly scoff K10000 Max: drown it in the aquarium, the fish are fed and immersed in the mud.

The Chinese have created

Thus, the smartphone that will be available in the coming months, promises to be a sensational device. It is capable of not only a few days to work on a single charge, but also to withstand the impact of severe environmental conditions.

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