Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

Henna - hair color this natural remedy used by the majority of persons of the fair sex. This natural natural colorant capable without chemistry luxury give hair tint. Indeed, the use of paint, created by nature and derived from the leaves of lawsonite - it is cheap, available, and naturally!

Henna - dye favorite female

Henna Hair Coloring ... this natural remedy used since ancient times: lawsonite dried leaves were found in Egyptian tombs, early medical treatises talked about the use of plants for medicinal purposes, as an evergreen shrub grown as a live ornamental hedges. Lawsonite fragrance of flowers, the place of growth and an integral part of the culture that is India, Africa, Egypt and Iran, has been a favorite of the Prophet Muhammad.

Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

It is interesting that the content of the colorant in the leaves of the plant decreases with age, and its higher percentage in the young leaves. On the amount of the colorant component also affects the growth temperature: the higher it is, the greater the supply of the dye accumulates in the leaves of the henna plant. Coloring hair and eyebrows - is the application of henna has received among the beautiful half of humanity.

Henna as a coloring agent

For the preparation of hair dye use lawsonite lower leaves, and the top (because of higher color saturation and brightness) - Body painting, known as the "mehendi" - delicate art of beauty.

Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

When painting with henna is important not to overdo it, because the use of incorrect proportions can cause unexpected and perhaps unwanted shade. In addition to coloring hair and eyebrows henna can be used as a means of giving to the skin surface golden tan.

Henna: secrets and features

It is worth to know that henna hair coloring helps weighting, so do not abuse it, otherwise luxurious head of hair loses much in volume; a coloring in 2-3 months will be enough. It should also be borne in mind that henna dries hair; avoid this it is recommended to mix with coconut oil, odorless and easy to wash off. Moreover, after his exposure locks become a pleasant softness, which makes henna. Hair coloring before and after, what is the difference and how to avoid drastic consequences such as unwanted color. To do this, first of all, choose the right paint.

Determine with henna brand, it is best to stop the choice on the Indian or Turkish product. As for the quality, which is very easy to identify poor Iranian henna. Staining must be performed quality dye - a yellow-green powder or pure green; reddish tint peculiar to the dry and old products. What other subtleties to be aware of when choosing a henna?

  • There henna tint. All that lies on the shelves with the title "red cherry", "burgundy" and so on - it is masked by natural products with an cheap dyes.
  • When you buy should pay attention to the production date and shelf life. Expired products can lose the coloring properties, which have a negative impact on the result of staining.

Auburn - natural color of henna

Pure henna gives red hair. Implemented modern - White, Red, Black - in its composition has a chemical dye - colorant.

Another natural dye Basma is extracted from the dried leaves of indigo. In combination with henna gives a wide range of brown and black shades. For beautiful colors necessarily complex in the dye should add dried herbs, a variety of teas and spices. Open henna should be stored in the refrigerator, basmu - in a dark, dry box.

staining in red color

For coloring in a beautiful red color to mix henna powder is based on hair every 10 cm - 100 grams with a glass of lemon juice, which imparts a bright shock of hair color. The resulting composition is put for 10-12 hours in the heat, and then adding hot water to it and bring to the consistency of sour cream.

Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

The hair must first be washed, dried. To avoid getting paint on other parts of the body, shoulders recommended to throw the tissue, and in the temples and forehead to put a thick cream. Further it is necessary to wear gloves and using a brush to apply paint by moving from the top to the tips. At the end of staining on the head should be put on a polyethylene or a plastic cap, wrap a towel on top. Henna, coloring which is performed for the first time, can give a more intense shade to hair than expected, so the ink composition is recommended to stand 1-1, 5 hours after which the hair is thoroughly rinsed. Henna acquire their correct color for 3 days.

Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

Natural and natural henna! Staining in red color gives the composition of a mixture of 3-bags henna (depending on hair length) and half of the bag ginger. This composition is to pour boiling water and apply on the hair.

Henna: hair coloring. Recipes for other shades

Brown color

Two bags of red henna to connect with a bag of Basma, diluted with water and apply on the hair. Wash off after 1, 5 hour.

Brown color can also be obtained, Bay henna decoction of onion peel and bring the mixture until creamy. Or connect Indian henna powder and ginger in a ratio of 1 to 3, add a little lemon juice, a cup of low-fat yogurt and essential oil of burdock and flax. All the mix, heat in a water bath, to the hair an hour and a half. At the exit turn a beautiful shade of brown with a hint of reddishnesses. Natural blond color is obtained by mixing 8 sachets Iranian henna with 2 bags basma, and a mixture of hibiscus tea, barberry, cinnamon and clove.

Golden honey

This shade is suitable to owners not very dark hair. To obtain the desired color, we recommend adding in henna:

  • turmeric;
  • rhubarb, chopped and cooked over low heat;
  • infusion of saffron, a pinch-sealed glass of water;
  • chamomile broth at the rate of 1/2 cup water 2 tablespoons. Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews


For a beautiful brown color, you can use several recipes and choose the most suitable and favorite.

  1. In one sachet of henna take 4 tablespoons of natural ground coffee (or cocoa) and a glass of water. Staining of such a composition gives rich deep color, lasting throughout the month.
  2. A few spoonfuls of strong black tea to brew hot water, connected to a bag of henna.
  3. Take a glass of walnut shell or walnut leaves, henna spoon, pour a glass of water.

Lightening hair with henna. Maybe?

If you want to give your hair a lighter shade than the current, it is recommended to use a colorless henna mixed with lemon juice or a decoction of chamomile. Cardinal lighten strands it will not, but for a couple of shades lighter than your hair will become. Colorless henna is made from another plant (Cassia tupolistoy), fine treats, nourishes and restores the hair structure and dries the scalp. Useful and healthy mask - most often in the direction of applied colorless henna. Hair coloring, reviews of which are quite different (depending on the success of the use of coloring agents), it requires the knowledge of certain subtleties.

Tint secrets

Reds - the one color that makes your hair henna. Staining in the right color requires mitigating redness, which can be achieved by the following means:

  • strong decoction of chamomile;
  • nettle broth;
  • Basma - the product darkens hair and fits who wish to have a beautiful chestnut curls;
  • turmeric;
  • lemon juice (a great number of its and long exposure can cause overdrying of hair);
  • ginger powder. Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

Darker red shade will help to:

  • Basma;
  • infusion of oak bark;
  • strong tea;
  • coffee or cocoa.

Henna: coloring eyebrows

Against the background of a large range of colors for eyebrows henna worth a try. At home, it is easy to paint the eyebrows, you need to know some of the subtleties and keep the proportions right.

Henna: hair color, the eyebrows in red, recipes, reviews

Before painting to be cleaned eyebrow area for better anchoring of color, and around the cause fat cream. X and y should be dissolved in the vessel (glass or china) according to the instructions gruel persist and accurately draw a contour of the eyebrows. It is believed that the first is better to paint the tips of the eyebrows, and then the central portion. Dark brown eyebrows give a mixture, which consists of equal proportions Basma and henna. Eyebrows black will be achieved at a higher content of Basma in the dye composition.