How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

It is well known that tanning in large doses is harmful to the skin. What to do, if only tanned face? How to return your skin its original color?

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

Dairy Products

How to remove the tan from his face? It may be advisable to wipe this area twice a day with sour milk, even better - goat. The magnificent mixture of face, which moisturize and bleach, - a mask of yogurt, flour and oatmeal. If the skin is very dry, it is better to use sour cream. It must be put on the face (even a little dry, about 20 minutes), then rinse with milk and once more with cool water. Uniform whitening of the skin in such a procedure is provided. This mask nourishes the skin further.

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly


How to remove the tan from his face? Who will tell. The well-known and useful plant, which can always be found in their area, or on the market, - parsley. It is washed with a root, chopped and boiling water is poured at the rate of 2 tablespoons per one glass of water. Then the liquid should leave for a day, then it is necessary to drain. The resulting infusion should wipe the face as usual lotion.


And yet, how to remove the tan from the face, if the funds have not helped mentioned above? Then we can recommend a simple recipe. Take a few slices of lemon and soak in water. Liquids should be a little, only to cover the slices. This infusion whiten the face. But the skin with a fresh tan is better not to apply those infusions and decoctions, which contain alcohol and lemon. It is no secret that this citrus elixir is used to lighten the freckled skin, but in this case need to be careful, because it dries the dermis, and it is already dry in the sun.

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

Lemon + vinegar

How to remove the tan from his face? Help simple, proven traditional remedies. It has already been said about the excellent whitening function of lemon. When the compound of this fruit juice, vinegar and water can enhance the above effect.

rasparte skin

How to remove the tan from his face so that and the effect was, and no skin irritation was left? It should start with training. This will depend on the desired result. The first condition is to steam the skin, using a decoction of herbs St. John's wort. If a plant fails to reach, you can heat the water, add the essential oil of the same grass and hold face over the steam. Happen since the disclosure, the fabric will begin to be updated. After steaming treatment, the skin does not need to be dried, it is sufficient to rinse the face with warm water, then apply a nourishing cream, to which you have become accustomed (to experiment here to anything). After 15 minutes, you need to rinse the face again. The second condition: if the skin still has a bright red color, and the temperature is increased, it is not necessary to burn it even stronger. It is recommended to use sour cream or yogurt, which gently act on the sun-burnt skin.

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

Lotion cucumber

How to quickly remove the tan from the person by other means? It is possible to prepare a lotion of cucumber. We need to take two small vegetable, squeeze juice from them and pour 0, 5 liters of vodka. All received weight should brew day. After that, two times a day is recommended to wipe your face. Remains of the need to put in the refrigerator and close the lid tightly. Effective and fast acting slice of fresh cucumber. They just need to frequently wipe the face.

Also very quickly deal with the problem of two products: almond milk. They give the skin soft, make it smooth. How to cook a miracle cure? Take raw nuts, put in a glass of milk and let stand for twelve hours. After waiting for the proper time, to miss all through the meat grinder and 10 minutes to put on the skin, then everything should be washed off with water.

It is possible to use other methods, but it is better to choose one product and do not mix it with medication. It is not known whether the components are compatible. Otherwise, it is possible irritation.

We should not forget that all bleaching facial treatments do not tolerate intensive human habitation in the sun. Therefore, they are performed in the evening hours.

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

masks out of clay

How to remove the redness from the face after sunbathing? This is perhaps the main thing that will excite women. It is necessary to use masks made of clay of various kinds. For example, white and blue. The choice of the specific form of the effectiveness of the procedures will not be affected, since their effect on the skin is the same. So, it is necessary to dissolve the clay with strawberry juice (you can change the second ingredient in the juice of parsley, cucumber or strawberry - that is pleasant or what is at hand). Weight should be thick enough to lay evenly on the skin. After the face should be covered with a damp cloth mask inflicted. Soak for 10 minutes, then remove residues and rinse your face with water.

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

Consider another means. In its structure also has clay. We need to take colorless clay, and add to it a decoction of camomile. It is necessary to make the mass homogeneous, apply on face and wait 5 minutes - let it dry up and absorbed. Then, as always, the composition need to rinse with water. Sensitive and delicate skin before applying the mask is recommended to soften the nourishing cream. We should not forget about the clay of green color, since in addition to the bleaching effect, it provides a number of tissue trace elements, and for seared on the burning sun of the epidermis is very important.


How to remove the redness from the sun with the face? To make a mask from yeast. Dilute with milk, dry yeast, mix well and apply on face. After 30 minutes, rinse with water.


Now you know how it is possible to remove the tan face. Options - weight! You can visit the expensive beauty salons, you can use the medication. But we should not forget that traditional methods are much cheaper and more efficient. Summing up all what was said above, I would like once again to list the most common tools used by our grandmothers still. So: cucumber - nourishes and whitens the same time, further removes the skin from swelling. Lemon and grapefruit with honey in equal proportions nourish and moisturize. Even their dry crusts, rastortye into a powder and mixed with sour cream, too, have a whitening effect. Parsley helps remove the tan from the face, refresh, soothe, relieve edema, reduce the rash caused by the appearance of acne, reduce the number of wrinkles. Aloe helps restore the skin.

How to remove the tan from the face of rapidly

If you have more confidence in cosmetics, it is better to use the ones that have in their composition of those plants and fruits that are used in folk medicine.