Flight of the "Federation" of the ship are going to move on in 2022

Earlier it was reported that a new spacecraft "Federation", which leads the development of RSC "Energia" with its partners, will be released and is ready to flights already in 2021. But, as it turned out, deadlines ship in operation can move - reported by TASS with reference to sources in the space industry.

Flight of the

originally planned to make the first start of the ship from the Baikonur East using rocket "Angara", but now the experts have proposed to change the booster to the "Phoenix", middle-class rocket with RD-170M engines, which now is also in development. Project development and construction of the carrier will require a little more time, but will not lead to serious modifications of the ship. Experts explain that the test missile tests were originally scheduled for 2022, so are now discussing the possibility to shift the terms of the first flight of the "Federation".

Spacecraft "Federation" is designed to transport people and cargo into orbit and to the Moon. The autonomous flight mode the ship can be up to 24 days, and in the space station mode able to work for a year. On board the ship can carry up to four crew members.