Facebook's management decided to close the Oculus Story Studio

It seems that the company Oculus continue to pursue the problem. Not so long ago we told you that it left the founder of Palmer Lucky, and even the court found the company guilty of theft of intellectual property, is obliged to pay the plaintiffs $ 500 million. At this time, Facebook management has a difficult decision to close the Story Studio internal studio responsible for creating short VR-movies and other entertainment content from the narrative component. This was reported today by the press Jason Rubin, the former founder of Naughty Dog studios, and now is vice president of Oculus in the direction of user-generated content.

Facebook's management decided to close the Oculus Story Studio Facebook's management decided to close the Oculus Story Studio

Story Studio Studio was founded in 2015 and its first project was a short film about the lost Lost in a forest giant robot, as if released from the animated film Iron Giant. Then came an interactive children's cartoon about a charming hedgehog named Henry, who brought the studio prestigious golden statuette "Emmy." The latter Story Studio project to date was the amazingly beautiful story of a mother and daughter under the name Dear Angelica, in which the voice acting participated actress Gina Davis. This cartoon was completely drawn by hand inside the virtual reality on its own software Quill, created by the specialists of the studio (download it, by the way, anyone can).

"Two years ago, at the dawn of modern VR-technology, Facebook company established Story Studio, to show all the endless possibilities of a new form of visionary art: narrative in real time. studio experts have created a series of short films that have pushed many famous directors on what to try myself in a completely new VR-direction. Now we are on the threshold of a new chapter in the development of virtual reality, so we need to reallocate resources is vital in order to create the most comfortable ecosystem. After lengthy discussions, we have decided to shift the focus from the internal content development to support external studios. That is why the Story Studio studio have to close ", - reads the official press release.

Facebook's management decided to close the Oculus Story Studio

Oculus really continue to invest in the development of content for Virtual Reality. As soon as Jason Rubin has promised to invest more than $ 50 million in the creation of various experimental VR-content. the money will go directly to the artists and animators who will be willing to create something exclusive for the helmet Oculus Rift. Former employees of the closed studio will not be left without a job, they reassigned to new positions within the company's core Oculus.