IPhone - 10 years of incredible success statistics

January 9 has become one of the most significant dates in the history of digital technology. In 2007, on this day at Macworld in Moscone Center (San Francisco), Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, which began the era of smart phones. This does not mean that there were no smart phones in the past, but they were much less popular. And even for those users who do not consider themselves to any other mobile operating system, in addition to Android, it will be interesting to get acquainted with the ten-year success story, not only reflected in the sales figures, but also in the amazing facts that show the importance of the role of smart phones for the modern man.

IPhone - 10 years of incredible success statistics IPhone - 10 years of incredible success statistics

However, in the sale of the phone, which laid the foundation of all modern mass interest in smartphones, it appeared several months later - June 29, 2007. The price of the model with a 4-gigabyte drive is 499 US dollars, and the 8-gigabyte version - 599 US dollars.

Many believed the first iPhone overpriced and not enough powerful phone. Yet it was he who turned technology products, to provide maximum impact on the industry of digital devices and determine its development for a decade at least, and it is quite possible - and to a much longer period. Moreover, the entire smartphone industry in the form in which it exists today, dates back to the iPhone. Regardless of whether you prefer Apple products or the interesting device of another brand, everyone knows - none of the phones have never been close and as popular and known worldwide as the iPhone.

IPhone - 10 years of incredible success statistics

Like the iPhone sales figures have changed in ten years? In 2007, iPhone sales were 1, 39 million units. In 2015, when the iPhone appeared on the market large, 4, 7 and 5, 5-inch screens, the sales figure rose sharply to 169, 22 million units (2014) to 231, 22 million devices. In 2016, however, sales declined slightly compared to the year before - to 211, 88 million iPhone sold in the year.

In this context it is important to note that the company's fiscal year ends in September Apple. Sales figures are presented in infographics in millions of units of the financial year.

It is important to point out some interesting facts about how smartphones in general, and directly iPhone. By the end of 2016 it sold 1 billion 34 million iPhone. We are talking about the number of iPhone sold in its history of presence in the market. Do users of smartphones on the iOS operating system has a choice of 2, 2 million applications. Average user looks at the screen of a smartphone 88 times a day. 102 billion US dollars is forecast to be spent in 2017 consumers in the United States through the purchase of a smartphone. iPhone brings Apple's more than 60% of its profits. The production costs of a modern iPhone is approximately 225 USD. A smartphone is at 2, 6 billion people. Smartphones and tablets accounted for 50% of global Internet traffic.

All these figures best show the role that began to play in the lives of people of all mobile devices in the ten years since then, the iPhone was first shown to the public by Steve Jobs.

What technical innovations in the field of consumer electronics can be called just as significant as the iPhone?

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