What happens in the body during the night fighter?

What happens in the body during the night fighter?

22:00 hours. In the blood, it doubles the number of white blood cells - the immune system it checks entrusted her territory. Body temperature drops. Biological clock signals: time to sleep.

23:00 hours. The body is more relaxed, but in every cell in full swing reduction processes.

00:00 hours. Consciousness more and more master of the dream, and the brain continues to work, laying out on the shelves of the received information the day.

1:00 hour. Sleep is very sensitive. Unhealed time tooth or injured knee a long time ago can be different and will not sleep until the morning.

2:00. All bodies are resting, only the liver is working full swing, scrubbing sleep the body of accumulated toxins.

3:00. Full physiological decline: blood pressure at the lower limit, heart rate and breathing are rare. 4:00. The brain is supplied with a minimum amount of blood and is not ready to wake up, but extremely acute hearing - you can wake up at the slightest noise.

5:00. Kidney rest, the muscles asleep, the metabolism is slowed down, but in principle, the body is ready to wake up.

6:00. The adrenal glands begin to throw in the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which increases blood pressure and make the heart beat faster. The body is already preparing for revival, although consciousness is dormant.

7:00 - hour of the immune system. It's time to warm up and stand under douche. By the way, the drug in this hour absorbed much better than at other times.