Tips spices: how to escape from the evil dog attack

Tips spices: how to escape from the evil dog attack

The attack on the dog's bad defending human can lead to serious injury and even death. To preserve their health and their loved ones need to know exactly what to do in such a situation.

What you can not do:

1. tease dogs.

2. Scream, threaten her, to provoke aggression.

3. creeps up, suddenly and loudly, to contact the owner, to make sharp in his direction. This can cause the dog to aggressive action to protect the host.

4. Touching the animal while sleeping or eating.

5. Filter something with which the dog plays.

6. Feed the other dogs.

7. Look at the dog at close range in the face (a signal of aggression in all animals).

8. Trying to give the team another's dog. By doing this you are applying for a place of its owner.

All of these actions can cause a defensive response and dog aggression. Dogs can be divided into coached and nenataskannyh. The first in an attack guided by natural instincts, the latter are based on specially developed man of conditioned reflexes. The latter phenomenon is quite rare because special training is very expensive pleasure. If you have a dog barking, not the fact that it will be on you to attack. It is possible she was just defending his territory. Do not push it back up, without turning back. If the dog barks and tries to come to you for a spin - be careful, she is preparing for an attack.

Dogs typically attack as follows:

1. Front. Dodge the blows of the defender and try to get around it on the side or rear. Then bite the arm, leg, and so on. N.

2. Rear (catching). Heavy dog ​​is usually enough for the human torso and brings down the teeth on the ground. The average size dog knocks down a man jumping with all four paws on him and hitting in the lumbar region. Light dog jump on your back and try to grab the shoulder or neck and hang on a person. Protection

The most vulnerable places dogs: the tip of the nose, the bridge, and the occipital part temechko, solar plexus, ribs, paw joints, coccyx, eyes, nostrils, mucous membranes, genitals. In these places need to act mechanically t. E. To punch or improvised weapon. It is important to remember that dogs and dog fighting breeds coached accustomed to pain and pain control to take them very difficult. Therefore, you should remove them from the system is mechanically simple - do not pretend that you break the paw, and really breaking it. Do not put pressure on the dog's rib knee, jump and masse. To win, you must kill the animal. To turn away the trained dog, he will have to cause injuries incompatible with life.

Never behave passively, dropping and closing hands.

The dog, which specifically incited, rushes to the victim immediately, so it is important to catch the moment of the attack and found the attack a powerful blow to the chest or abdomen. He flew, whined - finish the leg on vital points.

You should never run away - not run away. The dog runs much faster than a human. The only exception is when there is a possibility guaranteed to be out of the dog's reach. For example - to quickly climb on a green tree, climb the stairs, go into the water up to his waist.

Dog quite helpless in the water. You're standing on the ground, and it floats. If she threw you into the water - to drown a dog if you want easy.

It plays an important role the possibility of breaking optical communication between the owner and the dog. Without visual contact with the owner, she feels much less confident. Therefore, if possible, pulling her with him to the bushes, the trees, the angle, and so on. N. The dog immediately lose the incentive to continue the fight. In most cases, it will try to get out of the fight. weapon

Dogs hardly has various nerve gases from cans "for the people". But the excellent effect is given or peppery mustards. Therefore, purchase only those cartridges or cartridges to the gas weapon. Apply gas weapon against dogs can be from any distance. Dog getting into the cloud of this gas, disoriented very quickly.

During the war SMERSH workers used the so-called cayenne mixture to neutralize the dogs. It consists of a mixture of ground to pulverized condition of black pepper and tobacco in the ratio 50/50. You can also add and mustard powder. This "dust" fine sticks and settles on any wet mucosa - the nose, nostrils, mouth, eyes, and causes unbearable burning, and with increasing effect.

And in contrast to the gas which escapes, only dust is removed by mechanical means - washing. And if it breathes its sufficient quantity to burn the airway, to fall within the bronchi and lungs, and the probable death. And the end will be extremely painful. Store such a mixture is necessary in a plastic cylindrical cup. In the outer pocket. Moreover, the cover should be both dense and removed instantly with one hand, for example, with the thumb. Ideal for bottles of vitamins or capsules from Kinder Surprise.

As an option may come a handful of sand (land), which is necessary to throw as far as possible with the shortest distance to the eyes and the mouth of the oncoming dog.

Improvised items available when you can be an umbrella, bag, bag, clothing, bottles, sticks ...

It is not necessary to operate the umbrella like a club, it is not effective. Umbrella significantly better works like a shield. Open and close it - the dog does not understand the essence of things and enter into a stupor. Bag you can "borrow" a dog's mouth. If she hit in the face, the nose, the dog will reflexively seek to bite her. Give her grab bag. When she grabbed it - take out the best. The dog will try to hold her back. Take the bag aside, divert attention and hit the dog with his foot. If it is possible - tilt dog, fall on her whole body.

If we manage to remove his jacket or coat - use it for a dog distraction, like a shield. Try to throw a coat on the dog, and her blind hamper her movement. If you do it - it falls on all of its mass. If you remove the coat could not entirely, try to free up half the left sleeve. Use it as a "stand" that would take a dog's mouth. Typically, the free hand can strike.

Deyzer - a small, American-made priborchik ultrasonic scaring dogs. Buy the device can be in many gun shops. It acts very effectively.

If there is no dog owner, able to come to your aid, and the danger is serious enough, proceed as follows: back against the wall, fence, not to fall and not to bite yourself behind.

Pick up something from their outer clothing (jacket, shirt, hat and so on. D.) And set it in front of you at arm's length. The dog instinctively grab it and pull over. Hold tight! At the time of its maximum voltage sharply hit the toe of her foot down your throat. This will be enough to decide the outcome of the fight in your favor.

The most important thing you have to be mentally prepared for the fight with the dog.

Many people just numb, if the dog pounced on them and go on the defensive, which is to roll your dog and of a plaintive cry. They do not even reasoned of active defense, not to mention the attack. So you have to be mentally strong dog, feel master of the situation. Dogs feel it too. During the fight with the dog in any case do not take care of "branded" clothes, things, etc. Their cost -.. A trifle compared with the cost of high-quality treatment for bites. In addition, the material and moral damages may be recovered through the courts with the dog's owner.

It would be very stupid if you find yourself badly bitten due to the fact that "took care of" his favorite jacket. Any fact a dog attack on a person (or an independent owner hallooing) - a state of emergency. In any case should not be left without consequences such incidents.

Even if the owner will claim that it is you teased his dog - a dog in a public place must be on a leash and muzzled.