Mulled wine. Drink for cold winters

Mulled wine. Drink for cold winters

Mulled wine - a wine with herbs and spices, warmed to a certain temperature. This drink is simply irreplaceable in the cold of winter. It warms, tones and invigorates. Drink mulled wine may well become a real ritual after a long day in the winter, Sunday skiing trip or working outdoors. Drink mulled wine - a great excuse to invite friends to spend an evening in a pleasant and warm (in all senses !!) company.

This drink is so popular in Northern Europe, while not widely spread in our country. And it is in vain.

Many options for preparing mulled wine. As diverse wines, types of spices, so can be varied and the taste of the hot winter drink. Here are just a few of the most popular recipes.

The recipe for mulled wine classic.


- 750 grams. dry red wine;

- 1/4 cup of water;

- 1 tbsp. spoonful of sugar;

- 6 clove bud;

- Grated nutmeg (a pinch).

- Cinnamon (preferably a pair of rods or the mill grind one).

Pour water clove and nut, boiled for 1 minute. Remove from heat, 10 minutes. let it brew. The wine add sugar, heat, not boiling. Pour an infusion of spices in mulled wine.

Honey mulled wine.


- 1/2 liter. Of dry red wine;

- Article 5. spoons of honey;

- Spices - carnation (7 pcs.), Star anise (3 asterisks), allspice (4 pcs.) Cinnamon.

Honey pour the wine, add the spices. stirring constantly, heat without boiling. Orange mulled wine. Mulled wine with orange


- 500 gr. red port wine;

- 5 slices of lemon;

- Article 5. tablespoons orange liqueur;

- grated nutmeg, cinnamon - pinch, 3-4 anise stars.

Port heated. Add spices and liquor, mix. When applying to each plate to put a slice of lemon.

White mulled wine.


- 750 grams. dry white wine;

- 100 gr. Sahara;

- 0, 5 cups of water;

- 1 lemon;

- cinnamon, cloves.

Lemon cut into slices, add water, add spices, sugar, bring to a boil. Add wine to warm.

Tips for preparation mulled wine.

1. Wine should not be brought to a boil, but only heated.

2. The choice of wine depends on the recipe and your taste, but dry red wines are most often used.

3. Before serving mulled wine need to strain to drink became clear and sparkling.

4. Drunk hot mulled, preferably of ceramic cups which retain heat longer and unique flavor of the beverage.

5. Spices should be added with care - it is impossible to prevent overdose. It is better to add less than prevent oversaturation - otherwise you will spoil the drink.

You warm memories of winter days with a cup of hot mulled wine!

And do not forget that excessive drinking harms your health!