If cats have nine lives, then this cat left eight

If cats have nine lives, then this cat left eight

The unfortunate animal was discovered in southern Utah with an arrow passed through the nose and pierced body. Volunteer non-profit organization "Give the cat a chance," remarked seriously wounded cat in the pedestrian paths in the park nisson hiding under a bush.

The animal, which, according to opinion of a veterinarian, is a year-old representative of the Siamese breed color lynx point, was delivered in Washington veterinary clinic for treatment. Veterinarian Jays King first of all carried out X-ray examination and found that beg cat arrow miraculously not hurt the vital organs of the animal, although it passed dangerously close to the brain, heart and lungs.

Arrow, which became the head of a quiver between the bridge of the nose and mouth, pierced tongue, passed through the esophagus and out between the shoulder blades. On Thursday Quiver he underwent surgery, during which the arrow was removed from his body. Dr. King has sewn up the hole in the sky pierced by a cut and sewed language. "It was definitely a cat has nine lives, - said King. - I think the cat is fully recovered. "

An employee clinics Faapina Shanna told the newspaper that quivers left to live just a few hours when he was found in the park. City police spokesman Ed Kantor said KUTV, that suspects in this incident and no clear shot was intentional or by negligence occurred.

The arrow left in the quiver of the nose hole 1, 3 cm, and the wound in the esophagus, to which doctors could not reach, ensuring that the animal is able to heal it yourself.

After Quiver fully healed, perhaps, representatives of nursery owners podyschut him. animal protection center is currently collecting donations to cover his medical expenses.