How to react if a dog attacks you

How to react if a dog attacks you

- One of the best options is considered that it is necessary that a loud shout. It really helps. If this pedigree dog, it is someone lives, and probably at least understand commands. So, we do so. The dog runs at you. You are taking a step in the direction of the dog's loud and in a threatening tone give a command "sit" or "no", "fu". This program throws a dog attack. Plus a step in the direction of the dog just knocks her confused, because she sees that you are not afraid of it. If you do not believe me, try it.

- Take all the forces and means to avoid the attack, that is, step aside from her path, sometimes it is enough. After all, you probably do not wonder who among you stronger.

- If the dog runs at you, you should not think that it necessarily will bite you. For her, the main thing you have to sniff. After all, the sense of smell is her life. He runs up, sniff, understand that you are not a threat to her, and he will flee.

- If you go to an unfamiliar territory, you know that dog- territorial animal, and it often protects its territory from outsiders. Be prepared for the fact that some "dvorterr" you can grasp the ankle.

- Do not ignore the signs "Caution angry dog." Sometimes, in the courtyards of running these "mutants", that it is better not to deal with them. And at the most inopportune moment dog's owner is not at home.

- It is better not to run away from the dog. First, the dog quickly you mean, catch up, and secondly, you do not see what's going on behind you, that would be the right time to dodge the dog. The most convenient is to pretend to be "post" go as the players "in the wall" cover "causal" place and not move. - If the dog runs at you and bark, it can not pose a threat. It shows you that this is its territory and it is the main one. Paul and he will flee. Worse, if the dog attacks silently and draws in his ears. Here is a real threat to you.

- Be careful not to panic. Passing by any dog, do not make sudden movements to scare any dog, and most importantly keep your dog in sight. Then no one will attack you. Do not approach a stranger-eating dogs. The dog will immediately feel at your opponent and be sure to mark the attack on you. Simply drive away you from yourself.

- Try to avoid encounters with service, sentries and fighting dogs. They have specially produced anger and ability to attack people. It's their job.

- In extreme cases, remember that you are stronger than the dog in all respects. The dog teeth only, and you have hands, feet, head, your weight, your height, handy tools. With this in mind, you will always feel more confident.

- When a dog runs - squat. The animal works program - was great - decreased, so preparing for the attack. The defender, on the contrary, will try to appear larger. And if the goal itself goes on the attack, it is best not to go to her. 99% of the dog immediately stopped and a maximum of raids. This technique used by special forces.