Several little-known facts about weapons

Several little-known facts about weapons

A few little-known facts about weapons

1. Over the past 20 years, weapons flooded America, but the murder with the use of firearms and other crimes have fallen by 39% and 69%, respectively.

2. Almost all cases of mass murder in the United States occurred in the free weapons zones.

3. The United States - the world leader in the number of weapons per capita, and 28 highest number of murders per 100 thousand people..

4. The index of violent crimes in the United States fell to 757, 7 100 thousand. People in 1992 to 386, 3 in 2011. Murder dropped to 9, 3 to 4, 7 to 100 thousand. Man.

5. In the US weapon 80 times more often used to prevent crime than to commit it.

6. In spite of the tough armory legislation in the UK is made 4 times more violent crimes than in the US.

7. Last year alone, wrong 2, 034 violent crimes per 100 thousand. People in the UK. 8. In the US, the figure was 466.

9. In the UK, 125% more rapists victims than in the US.

10. In the UK, 133% more than the victims of attacks than in the US.

11. Great Britain second in the EU in the overall index crime.

12. In Australia, after the ban on weapons homicide increased by 19%, robberies - by 69%.

13. Chicago - a city with a very tough weapons legislation, the number of murders is increasing every year by 10-15%. Today it is the most dangerous city in the world.

14. In a town of Kennesaw, where the inhabitants were obliged to arm themselves, in 23 years crime has fallen by 50%, robberies - by 89%.

15. In the twentieth century, the leaders of all countries of the world have killed more than 170 million. Of its citizens. How? Disarming them.