7 basic rules of survival

7 basic rules of survival


not worth the risk of food. Before something to eat, cook or izzharte their makeshift breakfast, lunch or dinner, and the water boil. Otherwise, there is a chance to pick up some pernicious bacterium or a wand and get sick. And in the middle of the desert to the hospital you no one will take.

2. REMEMBER "rule of three"

If things do not add up very well, and the question arises, how much you still left, remember the "rule of three": three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food.


You can simply keep track of the days. If this is not done, the brain starts to joke with you bad jokes.

4. Save energy-Breathe through your nose

Your body uses a lot more energy when you breathe mouth. In addition, mouth breathing, you lose a lot more moisture - and it is your weight in gold. So try to breathe through the nose. 5. Stay hungry

Eat as much as you need to be on our toes. It is not necessary to fill his belly, naedites fill - so you not only squandered precious supplies of food, but you will feel sluggish.

6. Notes its way

Do not rely on memory. Make notches in the trees, break the branches - anything, as long as you can then go back and do not get lost.


Find a quiet place where you could hide from the sun, penetrating to the bone the wind or cold - you can hide in the shade of a tree or in a cave (preferably uninhabited).

Petr Deryabin