How to choose the right backpack

How to choose the right backpack

First, determine the volume of a backpack, measured in liters, and accordingly to its destination. The longer your hike, the volume of the backpack should be larger. But, for example for climbing, too, use small backpacks as the basic things remain in the alpine camp. So the recommended amount of backpack:

- For small attacks on nature, such as weekend suit backpack 40-50 liters or so.

- For hikers need to look for something in the region of 70-100 liters. Women tend to go with a backpack no more than 40-70 liters.

- For the water ski and hiking - 90-120 liters. Things there is much more.

Correct backpacks Tatonka 70 and 40 liters.

Correct backpacks Tatonka 70 and 40 liters.

It makes sense to take someone's backpack and try to fill it, and even better to go with him in the campaign. Then you can immediately to very much understand. How to choose a backpack, and that is a backpack for a hike. There is a saying that whatever was not a big backpack, he always completely filled. That is, the less you will have a backpack, the less will have to drag unnecessary things, but you have to know when to stop.

The design of the right backpack.

All modern designs are about the same, and when choosing a backpack for a hike necessary to be guided by the mandatory presence of adjusting the rucksack back on the growth of the person and the presence of a lap belt. Try the best backpack loaded as empty convenience is difficult to assess. If no backpack above mentioned things, it is not the right backpack, Take your back and shoulders. Suiting your suspension system - the key to literacy load distribution. Note:

- The lap belt must assume the entire weight when properly adjusted. It should be slightly lower thallium, on the protruding hip bones.

- The straps were soft but elastic, and not too thin.

- The distance between the shoulder straps should fit the width of your shoulder - straps must not slip.

- In the back of the backpack must be metal or plastic armor. Usually they are in the back and can not see them.

Other points that are worth paying attention to when choosing a backpack for hiking:

- Quick-release valve is better than sewn to the backpack.

- Availability of additional pockets convenient, but such side pockets can get in the way if you wade through the thicket.

- Side-tie straps, must be of such a length that there could thrust pad or a small tent.

- Lower compartment with separate access to it, there is almost all backpacks, and it is very convenient for the separation of the internal space.

- Availability rain cover (protective cover from the rain) is good.

- Weight of the modern knapsack about 2, 5 kg, if weighs much longer, it is better still to look.

- backpack fabric must be strong and well-stitched seams. Well, when the bottom of Cordura.