Stops shooting

Stops shooting

US experts have developed the following rules stopping shooting:

• If the attacker has a knife in his hand or a club and to him no more than three meters, it is better to disable the shot in the knee. If the gun in his hand, it is best to shoot in the head: the cerebellar lesion would deprive him of the ability to pull the trigger;

• if, before the attacker far enough, and he Celite in you, you have to hit him in the chest, because it is difficult to get to the head.

In other cases, stopping the shooting is made with the expectation and in those parts of the body to prevent a particular threat.


If the bullet falls into the shoulder, it fractured the bone will break muscle, and striker will not be able to shoot with this hand. Hit in the shoulder is not easy, but it is easier than in the brush. Vital organs is not affected.

Knee cap.

Get into it more difficult, and it is necessary to shoot into the area, if a dangerous weapon in the hands of the attacker attacks.


The pelvis is easiest to get, and if you damage the bone, then the attacker will fall. Aim better at the right or left side of the hip, if you wish not to hurt the vital veins and the aorta in the center. Solar plexus.

After falling to the bullets striker immediately drops everything that is holding and clutching his stomach. It is an unconscious reaction.


When you do not hit in the cerebellum or spinal cord, the affected longer able or on any motion-entire neuromuscular system instantly paralyzed, and cerebellar lesion, moreover, it is accompanied by the immediate cessation of breathing and blood circulation.


Getting to the heart usually ends in death. But death is not instantaneous -napadayuschy can still have time to pull the trigger. If a bullet gets between the nipples, then it is likely, it will not touch the vital centers, but people will be disabled immediately.