Kontrsnayperskie group

Kontrsnayperskie group

Basic tactical methods of dealing with snipers in the street battles were worked out during the Second World War and, in general, have remained the same - extraction of information about the sniper, sniper fire prevention, kontrsnayperskie cunning counter razveddiversionny search.

Wonders in kontrsnayperskom fishery does not happen. The result brings an active, aggressive and free hunting enemy snipers specialized team of fighters kontrsnayperskoy group. Such a group is completed at the scene and also learns to work directly on the ground, applying to the situation of hostilities, versions of which are endless. Not everything hurriedly, once and suddenly, but persistent group of brain activity fighters and the accumulation of practical developments sooner or later there comes a qualitative leap, and kontrsnayperskaya group begins to operate very efficiently and routinely.

The structure kontrsnayperskoy group includes snipers professionals (in any case, not amateurs, amateur) and professional gunners. It is desirable that a grenade was working too sniper. The second number in the group completed kontrsnayperskoy not simply ancillary porters of ammunition and fighters, Melee, who are trained to throw grenades quickly, accurately and far. They do it is usually under the guise of a machine gunner, which drives the enemy fire for the shelter and does not allow him to pop out for precise shooting. Rukopashnik also indispensable for the power capture live opponent. On the site of the work group kontrsnayperskaya unconventional, unexpected and unpunished actions can produce not only the destructive effect of combat, but also provide a huge demoralizing effect on the enemy's mind, keeping it in a state of nervous tension.

Moreover, such a group operating under different cities, accustomed to fight with the constantly changing conditions of combat operations, at different urban planning and architecture, with a different mentality of the enemy.

Immediately, of course not get anything. But kontrsnayperskoy group of permanent staff at constant performance of practices kontrsnayperskih events as they gain experience, brainstorm situations and the development of theoretical thought, sooner or later there comes a qualitative breakthrough.

In this case the special group fighters quickly develop the ability to almost instantly predict the principles of enemy snipers in specific circumstances.

With such kontrsnayperskih groups of fighters and commanders should not advertise itself even on its side to avoid causing unnecessary on his head complications. When necessary, combat, special groups are 2-3 (less than a platoon) can be combined to solve larger and more complex tasks shock subversive use at night "scrubbing" of the silent weapon with night sights entire neighborhoods on the front edge of the enemy and the front edge .

Specialized sabotage and sniping units are capable of doing fantastic things. The use of such subversive night-sniper groups rediscovers a forgotten practice of involving the huge reserves of tactical combat use. In preparation for the event kontrsnayperskogo formulaic, repetitive, ill-conceived and reckless actions are excluded.

Inexperienced sniper mostly "hits" by accident, but it will always be inventive and resourceful in contrast to the military drill, which replace outdated statutes, active thinking. It can even be a psychopath - are included in a shooting frenzy and shooting non-stop, with the special problems arise.

It can be extremely careful - such draped on all sides, on guard and kill or sniper fire or assault group at a distance "in focus" until they kill: a shooter, with the risk of clogs in a secluded corner, it is cut off from their own and destroyed if not shooting, the grenades or dogs. But in any case, his favorite style, and its advantage is that it shoots from safe gaps and immediately leaves.

The weak point of an inexperienced hand - fear. When he begins to feel the collective well-organized and aggressive interest in his person, it completely changes the course of his thoughts. At such moments, inexperienced shooter least thinking about how to hold the position - he is firmly convinced that the person has the right to survive. But fleeing from positions always overtaken by death. This usually occurs on the escape routes where enemy snipers are waiting.