Twelve rules of gun owner

Twelve rules of gun owner

1. weapons only two enemies - rust and politicians

2. Let's better 12 convicted than six will suffer.

3. The police carry weapons for what would have to defend themselves, not you.

4. Never let someone or something that threatens you get into your personal space.

5. Never say - "I have a gun." If you need to use deadly force, the first thing that should sound - click when turned off the fuse.

6. Assistance Waiting time after a call to emergency services is 23 minutes waiting time help when shooting 357 caliber with a muzzle velocity of 420 m / s is much smaller.

7. The most important rule skirmish: always wins - even if you have to cheat.

8. Obrushte on the enemy heavy fire. There is always a chance that you will be killed by your weapon, but in this case he will have to hammer you to death, because the store is empty. 9. Your actions in any shootout - if you do not shoot, you recharge. - if you do not recharge, you move. - if you do not move, perhaps, you are dead.

10. In any, even the most critical situation, do something. Anything. This may not be true, but the main thing - do not stop.

11. If you carry a gun, people may call you paranoid. What nonsense! You also have a gun, what you still worried?

12. You can certainly call out "Stop!" Or "the Halt! Hande hoch! "Or something else, but the barrel of large caliber set over the head is a universal language.