How to defuse stretching

How to defuse stretching

The best way to neutralize a stretch - it's to get around it. But if for some reason this possibility you have not, let's say that running behind the group may stumble or you are at a retreat further need, then this article is a guide can be very useful. Proceed.

The stated stretching pomegranate - the simplest form of anti-personnel mine. Made from scrap materials, it is a formidable weapon in the defense of the approaches to the protected object, serving as both the signal means.

1) When he saw on the way of any of the elements of the anti-personnel mine (wire, a rope, a "strange" peg itself grenade) - stop.

2) Find all of the visual system, the set of stretching grenades.

3) Go to this usually fastened on something, garnet.

4) Grip arm housing (jacket) grenades, simultaneously thrusting finger ring in advance of the finished fuse checks. 5) Squeeze the hand grenade, trying at the same time at least a little tilt it, move in the direction of stretched wire. This may slightly reduce the tension. Particularly monitor locking finger on the ring

6) Then dilute apart antennae checks of the "hairpin" that constrains fuse (spoon lever) of the striker fuse. And now boldly cut (break, bite) wire neutralized stretch!

If at any point demining ring burst of a fuse (percussion caps flew with cotton spoon), make fast two steps away from the ready to break into dozens of sharp pieces of grenades and drop down flat on the third step! In this case, you have all the chances to do not strong concussion and shrapnel injuries legs, even if the grenade was defensive (F-1). If stretching was a grenade with a smooth jacket, you can get rid of a leaky-soled shoes!